Monday, January 31, 2005

game, set, match!

gosh its been soooooooooooooooooo long. i could probably update forever since i haven't updated about last weekend, which was wonderful! i know you probably do not want to read a forever long update, so i'll keep those stories to myself. however, i will say that it was deja vu from senior year, minus the drama...everyone was happy and in love!

interesting week around here. i've learned two things. 1. I'm not cool around celebrities. 2. You should NEVER treat a celebrity like you a) don't know who they are or b) like they are NOT a big deal. Because they ARE and they should be treated like a celebrity!

as of tuesday this is as close to andy roddick as i thought i would ever get...

then everything changed. of all the restraunts in all of austin, andy roddick walked in to mine. for a few minutes i couldn't breathe, think, or talk...all i could do was shake, turn red, and sqweel like a 13 year old girl. i did try my hardest not to be very loud though, b/c NO ONE ELSE in the entire restaurant even notice that he came in or made a big deal or any kind of deal over him for that matter.

once i finally calmed down...10 minutes later...i realized that i had to take advantage of my chance encounter. so i decided i would go to his table and ask him if he'd like to join us. yes, i really was going to. so, i walked over to him (he was sitting at the bar) and pulled the chair out that was right next to his. that's when i totally lost every ounce of civilness that was inside my body! my words went to mush and i sounded like i had a slight speech impediment and i was also talking as fast as i've ever talked in my whole life. the conversation went as follows...

Lesli: HI! Aren't you Andy Roddick??
Andy: yes
Lesli: Oh, ok well um me and my friend saw you come in and um we are um huge fans and uh we were so excited to see you come in and um so i had to come and say hi.
Andy: ok
Lesli: And um me and my best friend went to the Open this year and um we were very sad that we didn't get to see you play, or any of the guys for that matter. i mean we only saw girls play.
Andy: really? what night did you go?
Lesli: oh um we went saturday night because we thought we would see cool matches, but we didn't.
Andy: haha
Lesli: (he thinks i'm funny) well it was very nice to meet you (please note that he did not meet me)
Andy: yeah, take care! haha

so, i didn't ask him to sit with us...he had a friend come sit with him, and he was ordering to go so there was no point in him waiting at our table. oh my gosh but i would give a million dollars for him to turn to me and say yes again. he's so beautiful, and such a celebrity!

that's all for now, but i'm working on my 50 things list, so hopefully i can have that up tomorrow and i'll have posted twice this week!

happy mardi gras!