Saturday, January 22, 2005

what a glorious feeling...i'm happy again

i'm back online. i left my computer charger in dallas on wednesday, so i've had to use my computer sparingly.

i'm currently watching one of my favorite scenes in a movie. it's the scene from Singin' in the Rain when Gene Kelley, Donald O'Conner & Debbie Reynolds are tap dancing and singing Good Morning. i'd probably pick that scene to be in if i could be in any movie, because secretly i'd love to be a really great tap dancer. i used to practice in our last apartment in waco. i'd lock the doors and turn on george michael's faith.

i read two entries earlier that i had to share, because A) i love lists! i could make a list about everything. B) i would love to write in such a way that people i don't know would want to read my blog, and when i'll be brave enough to tell more people that i have one. i've often considered keeping an anonymous blog.
i have be come to a conclusion on the new year's resolution, and i think president bush should go in with me and make an announcement to the united states. i've decided that i'm done complaining. please reprimand me if you hear me utter things such as...i'm tired, i'm busy, etc. a friend pointed out to me that usually you're tired b/c you bring it on yourself. and for the record...EVERYONE IS BUSY!! getting sick of hearing people tell me how busy they were made me realize how annoying it must be to hear me say this. everyone is busy, everyone is tired...get over yourself and just enjoy the good things in life!

since i love lists, here's a list of thoughts from my week (in no particular order)

1. some people are toxic friends and you shouldn't keep them around very long

2. it's probably safe to say that i will NEVER own an ipod, and yes, i know how great they are. i think they're great. i'll just probably never own one. i'm ok with it.

3. one of my favorite things to talk about is memories. i few in my life that i love rehashing a lifetime of events with and it never gets old to me. (there are many more, but they don't no need to list names)

4. i've been wanting to join my church for a while, and i think i might tomorrow. one of my friends said he would go down front with me.

5. i still think about he's just not that into you often. it changed my life like garden state did for everyone else. the second i start to miss boys or even think of about them, those 6 words ring in my head and i'm liberated again!

6. i'm at my happiest when i'm around the people i love. i can tell a difference.

7. i'm currently obsessed with gps navigation in a car. i wish i could get it in my 98 montero sport. i'll have a navigation system before i have an ipod.

8. get skinny january is a success and i'm so proud of myself.

9. i'm making a mental list of the people i'd love to "run into" at the wedding next weekend! i just hope my list comes true!

10. i've got to find the perfect shoes and the perfect accessories for my fabulous dress!

11. finally...the first and greatest commandment is to Love the Lord. that's all i can do...everything else will fall into place perfectly.

i heart you all. have a good week.