Friday, March 25, 2005

happy good friday

hi friends. happy good friday! i hope it was a good friday for each of you. take a second and go over the easter story sometime this weekend! me and allie read it over cheese, crackers and wine this afternoon!

i felt very austin today. i was shopping all over town buying decorations for the store, and all the sudden it hit me that i might have forgotten to put on deoderant this morning. which would make sense since i haven't been wearing deodorant for the past 14 years! so i'm a little bothered that i might be smelling while i'm shopping, then i realize...i live in austin, i'm totally cutting edge with body odor.

i think i might have a shopping problem. right now i literally have NO money. i know i have a tendency to say this and not truly mean it, but this's really true. i'm no longer the girl that cried no money. so i happen upon a sam moon type store in austin that took me 2 years to find, and i immediately fall in love with a knock off louis bag. if you know me, you know i'm not the biggest louis fan in the world. not unless i marry someone with the last name that starts with a 'v'...then it would be my initials. so, i might have a problem if my inability to shop is causing me to lust after things i've never really liked.

but for $28.00...i might go back and get it come next pay day.