Wednesday, June 15, 2005

back to reality

i'm finaly back to reality. i've been living in a dream world filled with mimosas for breakfast, george's for lunch and baseball games to get some sun.

i learned more about baseball this weekend than i've ever learned in my whole life! i now know all of the numbers of the positions and what a 6-4-3 means. call me with questions.

there were several embarassing moments, which you can always expect from me. we dvr'd all the games so that we could watch for ourselves on tv when we got home. our seats were along the third base line, so we were on tv a lot if there was a left handed pitcher, foul ball or third base runner. so we're watching saturday night and they show us cheering. keep in mine it was 90 billion degrees outside at these games, so when the camera lands on us...unbeknownst to us...i lift the bottom of my shirt up and start fanning myself. then i just let the shirt rest on my chest. my national television debut was a shot of me and my full belly because i ate this weekend like i might not ever have another chance for food. thus prompting me to get serious about eating better and working out.

however boys...i think my stock just went up. not only did i WATCH ESPN, i was ON ESPN. who can say that?

i also re-learned a univeral truth this weekend. boys lie. period. we met this guy on saturday night and he was nice and fun and always made sure that we were taken care of drinks wise. he told us TWICE that he didn't have a girlfriend, and we later found out that not only does he have a girlfriend they've been dating for a year and a half! he's going to be in austin this weekend and wants us to call his friends that we also know so we can hang out with him. he probably feels better about the lie because he didn't have to ask for our number.

on the flip side...some boys don't lie all the time. i had a boyfriend monday night at the baseball party. he was even a baseball boy...going to the celebrity am i? all i can say is at least he was honest. when we arrived he told us that he didn't care who he hooked up with that night, as long as he hooked up! then for the rest of the night kept hanging around asking me if i wanted to go see his room. I wasn't even offered a house tour like normal.
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needless to say...nothing happened. even after two of my guy friends told me it was my duty to be there for him because HE was going to the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES. sorry guys...