Monday, April 28, 2008


justin kept thinking that we (his family, boss and me) had schemed up a way to buy him an x-box 360 for christmas. we had not. he was very sad about it, but then we hit the road, and it made no sense for a brand new x-box to be left home alone OR drug on the road for hotel play.

after he put in 9 straight weeks of 80 hours a piece (that's about 720 hours TOTAL!), i could NOT be the wife that said, "No, you can't spend your HARD EARNED MONEY on something totally frivolous." now could i?

he had even saved his $100 best buy gift card from his birthday just for the purchase of the xbox, which of course he misplaced. i was browsing marshall's, so he went looking for it alone. marshall's was closing, so i proceeded to the checkout and called him. phone off. hmm. best buy is next door and they have these comfy couches in front of the huge tvs, so there i sat. he'd see me when he walked through the door. i sat, he never came. i walk out of the store and see our car, so he couldn't be far. then he walks out of the store three stores down. i get to him and his eyes are a little watery.

justin: i thought i lost you!
lesli: lost me? i was sitting in best buy.
justin: i thought someone had taken you and you were gone for good.
lesli: what? no, i've been here the whole time. no one would want to steal me.
justin: i was upset about losing the $100 gift card, but when i couldn't find you it was like the Lord put it all into perspective for me. Who cares about $100 if I didn't have you.

sigh... melt my heart. seriously, how did i get so lucky? so sweet, i almost offered to pay for the new x-box with my own money. almost.

we are now the proud owners of an x-box elite and i am the proud wife of a very happy husband who may never leave the tv again.