Thursday, December 04, 2008

4 months

The last time I walked through the door of our home it was July. It was hot outside and I had a bad lace pantie sunburn on my butt. Lola was a tiny 2lb baby and Justin and I were in our 8th month of marriage. We walked back in early this morning around 2 am EST.

I had all these weird thoughts on the drive... how gross would the fridge be? Would our apartment stink from not being inhabited for so long?

Why was I surprised when it looked EXACTLY how we left it from the tweezers on the counter to my packing list on the desk? I guess I imagined magical elves in here tidying up while I was gone, but that did not happen. Luckily, it smelled fine, but all of our wallflowers have drained up. I hate that I missed them in their prime!

Alas, we're home and it is freezing. Literally. It should also be noted that our bed is a size smaller than we've been used to. Justin and I slept closer last night than we did on our honeymoon.

Answer me this... does doing laundry, going to the grocery store and changing my closet from summer to winter count as working out, because really I should go to the gym, but the laundry ain't gonna do itself! All right... enough rambling ~ it's so nice to be home!