Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hurry, Hurry WEEKEND! {and it's only Tuesday}

Happy September, y'all! It is so hard for me to believe that August is gone! Almost as hard as it was to believe that we had to wear long sleeves on the lake this past weekend! We've been trying to get over to Smith Lake ALL summer and this was the first weekend that we could go! Every time we go to the water, be it the beach or the lake we daydream about living there one day. Smith Lake is so appealing, because it was beautiful & so peaceful.

I think it's kind of funny that I look taller than Justin in this picture, because in reality he's a LOT taller {1 foot} than me! I wore a bumpits to church that day, so my hair was teased to the heavens, literally.

I'm totally working for the weekend this week for two reasons.

Reason #1:

Look who's coming for a visit? Our Best Couple Friends! We were their first out of town guests when they moved & now they are ours! I know we've lived in Tupelo for a while, but do NOT hear this as a finger wag for not visiting, we know we don't live in the most exciting place in America {unless you like armadillo roadkill & fancy restaurants like Chili's }, so we rarely beg people to come visit us!

Reason # 2:

The Marathon is this weekend! I want to devote an entire post to preparation, but let's just say I've done all this work & ALMOST didn't get registered.