Friday, September 11, 2009

No, really, you can!

There are a lot of people who are doing the couch to 5k program & I was thinking I should tell y'all that if you think you can't run, think again! The first run I ever did back in January was not a 14 mile run! Remember ~ the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step! Start off slow & easy, and do not get discouraged! Your body will blow your mind! I can remember my 8 mile training run ~ it was the longest I had ever run & I was overwhelmed by my accomplishment at the end! I eventually got to a point in my training where 8 miles was a regular mid week run and it seemed like nothing!

If you're going to start running here are a few things that I SWEAR by & you should really look into!

#1 ~a good pair of Shoes!

I began my training in Nikes, and they tore my feet up! My toes were covered in blisters and my toe nails ached! I would have been wise to head to a running store right away and be properly measured. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE! I finished my training and race in Saucony Echelon. They changed my life and I love them! They may not be the right shoe for you, but seriously ~ go to a running store and get the right shoe!

#2 ~ a good pair of Socks!

I spent $13 on 1 pair of Smartwool socks and if you know how frugal I am your mouth should be hanging open in amazement! $13 & they are WOOL, but I splurged and it was well worth it. they are delightfully comfy and totally kept my feet dry. I usually reserved these for my long runs on the weekend.

#3 ~ a great sports Bra!

I've always gotten sports bras from Wal*Mart or Target, but one day I was in Ross Dress for Less & saw a Lillyette InMotion sports bra & thought ~ hmm, underwire might be nice, I'll try that! Now, I check the stores every time I go to see if they might have more, because I'm wearing the one I've got to death, but it's wonderful. Especially, if you are a little top heavy and require more support!

#4 ~ a great Outfit!

I got a pair of running shorts at Hibbets here in town, but I found my favorite running clothes at Target. They have great running skirts & good quality running tops in a variety of styles & cute colors. I am happy to know that I can order their workout gear online as I live in the CONTRY and we ain't got no Target!
NOW ~ these are the basics to get you started and I don't want to overwhelm you with Sport Glide & Gels, so those will have to wait! Go ~ you can do it!