Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sunday Funday {maybe}

This SUNDAY is the marathon & I sent an email to the race organizer on Monday inquiring about registering, and he promptly informed me that the race was full. Holy crap. I've been training for 16 weeks {feels like 16 years} and now I've waited too long to register.

I twittered about my world crumbling beneath my feet & then thought on the bright side. Maybe this was the Lord's way of telling me I'm not ready. Maybe I could just run the route and not "race" the route.

After a couple of emails the organizer put it together that I had met a member of the running club & he called that my pre entry & now I'm in. Promise ~ I didn't even get pushy! Thank the Lord I got in!

I made a decision a few weeks ago to run the 14.1 Miler instead of the full, because I didn't feel physically prepared for the full. The Tupelo "half" marathon is 14.1 miles. My work schedule has been insane lately, as I'm sure you can tell from my lack of posting the past two months & my job is different than a desk job. When I travel I work anywhere from 50-60 hour weeks and I'm on my feet all but an 1 hour a day during that time. So, add that to my running schedule, and my legs & feet couldn't keep up.

I'm ready for Sunday! I've been having some discomfort with my hamstring in my left leg, and I've promised myself that I will not injure myself just to finish and run the risk of not being about to run & exercise for any amount of time.

So, now you're up to speed as to where I am mentally & physically for the marathon. Thank you to ALL of you who have wished me luck & sent me words of encouragement! I will be thinking of your words when the going gets tough!