Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~Jersey Boys~

I am STILL listening to Jersey Boys 1.5 weeks after the show. When I see shows I get crazy obsessed with them and by the end of this one I was ready to run away with Frankie Valli. I haven't been able to find the soundtrack in town, so my Pandora radio has been keeping me happy. Funny enough, it switches back and forth often from Jersey Boys Soundtrack, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons & the Glee soundtrack! FUN!

So, as you may remember from 2 posts ago... I'm not going to link back, because you can scroll down easily enough, we bought my Mom tickets to see Jersey Boys on her birthday. She'd been wanting to see it for a LONG time and I grew up listening to this music, because she grew up listening to this music, so I was more than happy to take her.

She arrived Saturday afternoon & we got prepared for dinner with friends. Craig came over and grilled delicious steaks for all of us and the neighbors and we watched the Olympics and had a great time. So glad Mom got to meet our little Tupelo family!

Sunday we woke up early so we could get on the road to Memphis and grab a bite to eat before the show. Except... Mom woke up and was horribly sick. I mean horribly. No one else was, so it wasn't the food, but I heard later she got it from the nacho club girls! We kept trying to wait it out, but she was just not getting over it. Poor Thing.

At 11am {show started at 1:30, Memphis is 85 miles away} I knocked on my neighbors door and said ~ if you can be ready in 15 min and put your make up on in the car the ticket is yours. All of you women that have video game loving husbands and other half's will love this. She said, "Oh, I really hate to leave Spencer on Valentine's Day." He barely looked up from Call of Duty and said ~ Babe, you should go! Call of Duty was his PERFECT valentine's day.

I took no pictures, because we were literally RUNNING to our seats and my neighbor did NOT want to be photographed due to the timely nature of her getting out the door and to the show.

All THAT said to say, we.loved.every.last.minute. If you are remotely familiar with their music {which you are} and you are close to a showing ~ go see this show! You will be singing Sherry for WEEKS to come! Just watch this video so you can get the idea of how it all works.

ps ~ I cried real tears at the show thinking about my poor sickly mom not getting to go. life is not fair.