Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowtorious B.I.G.

That was the *BEST* name given to our little Mississippi snow storm we had over the weekend/Monday by one of the local news girls. It's good, right? I apologize in advance if you clicked hoping to see pictures of our little family decked out in winter gear posing in the snow. We have no such pictures. I did however video the dogs playing in the snow, but we forgot and talked to them in our dog voices on the video, so it will not be shared. Christina says the way I talk to my dogs could be an SNL skit, but no need to try it out with you guys!

I LOVED being snowed in! It was fabulous to know I couldn't go anywhere and it was like the 2 day weekend I dream about having! We did a lot of relaxing, chili making, movie watching, but I knocked out several project and created more. After taking down all the Christmas decor, my house was flocked with glitter but felt oh so empty, so it put me into over drive!

First I sanded a night stand for our bedroom, sanded a mirror that I will be selling and then painted the night stand. Those items were on the list. Then I decided to paint the guest bedroom! It's been a major eye sore (to me), but not a major priority until yesterday.
Here's the night stand! Now we have matching night stands in the bedroom and the color inspired me to trade out the bed and paint a cute headboard I have the same color! Fingers crossed that I have enough paint left to finish. The headboard has the same spindle look of the lamp, so I think it will tie in nicely. Back to the guest room...

I had about 3/4 a gallon of Lazy Gray in my laundry room, so I went to town!

{Sherwin Williams ~ Lazy Gray}

Once I got started painting I was able to get some more ideas for what I wanted in this room.

I picked these curtains up a while back, because I knew that I would like them and eventually find a place for them. I originally thought, living room, then master, but at $8.99 for 2 panels of curtains... how could I not? It's hard to find inexpensive curtains period and it's really hard to find inexpensive curtains that don't look cheap and these are pretty good.

Anyway... I think they are going to be PERFECT in the guest room! I can't wait to show you the finished project, and I have a very special guest coming in 8 days, so hopefully I can be done really soon!