Tuesday, March 22, 2011

America's Next Great Restaurant

Who's watching America's Next Great Restaurant? I was interested in watching for several reasons.

1. Love Bobby & Curtis. (sorry, Lorena...I'm sure I'd love you if I knew you)

2. LOVE, LOVE everything about Chipotle.

3. I own one of America's Current Great Restaurants.

Justin, however, was not as excited to watch because there is something about boys watching reality tv that completely unnerves them or threatens the revocation of their man card! Are y'alls boys like this?

I was hooked after the first show, because I agreed 100% with the top 10 that the investors settled on. But when they had them run an actual restaurant during an actual busy lunch hour... genius way to separate the men from the boys! Also, made me feel validated in my feelings that the restaurant business is HARD work!

When the operation was burning down around them (by the way... we've all been there) I said to Justin, "I will have so much respect for Steve Ells if he takes his jacket off, rolls up his sleeves & gets to work." Totally forgot to have him put on a half apron! It was a tad ironic, because the exact same scenario happened to us on Saturday night. We could literally feel his blood pressure and his pain! After that, Justin was hooked!

So, these are my favorites... I like their concept, but I also think the "get" it!

1. Sandra ~ Limbo. I think she changed her restaurant name last week, but we were both fans of the name Limbo. Great concept, great experience, will totally work in the fast casual setting!

2.Eric ~ MeltWorks. I like his concept and it seems like it could be a hip new thing. With the right people on the bus, I think he could be a successful business operator.

3. Greg & Krystal~ GrillBillies/Hick's. Their concept is one of my favorites, but they have GOT to rein in their ideas. I think the judges want theirs to work out too, but they really need a chef with solid food knowledge to help them create a well rounded menu.

Is it totally weird that I wish I was competing on the show to see if I could get the investors to invest in me? It's probably best I just stay where I am!