Wednesday, September 29, 2004

going to the chapel

If dreams were true...I'd be off the market.

last night I had a dream that I was getting engaged. The lucky suitor was a boy from my home town who is two years younger than me and good friends with my high school boyfriend. I however wasn't really good friends with this boy, just casual acquaintances, so he was definitely one of those people that shows up in your dream out of NO WHERE!!

When he began to propose to me, he walked up to me with a ring and one of his other friends walked up with a bucket in case I started throwing up. When he pulled the ring out I really thought I was going to throw up, but instead all I could do was cry, and not happy I'm getting engaged tears but oh dear lord I'm sobbing so hard I'm hyperventilating tears.

it gets worse. He opens the ring box and I see the ring. My thoughts shift from how I'm going to nicely refuse the proposal to how am I nicely going to refuse this ring. In the meantime, in my head the boy keeps changing back and forth from the high school boy friend to the actual friend. Not physically changing, but in my mind I keep thinking...How are we getting engaged so quick? I'm going to be one of those girls I've always judged? Does it count that we dated in high school? Wait, I dated his friend in high school? Back to the ring. The ring could have been beautiful. It was a big round solitaire, probably 2 carats, BUT...there was a silver border around the top of the stone. Like on top of the stone, not on the side of the stone...the TOP!

so, in the dream he never actually asks me to marry him, so I never have to pick an excuse for why I didn't want to get married. Somehow we knew we were engaged though, and I looked at him and said, "This is going to be a very loooooooooooong engagement!!"