Tuesday, September 28, 2004

bold gestures

"When men attempt bold gestures, generally it's considered romantic. When women do it, it's often considered desperate or psycho."

last night we watched a lot of sex and the city. For a while we thought our cable had been turned off, but after a couple of hours we checked and all was right with tv land.

one of the episodes that we were watching "Baby, talk is cheap" is the episode where Carrie decides that she wants aiden back after she has had an affair with big. It was noted that the quote mentioned at the top (also mentioned in the episode) is a very smart and true to life statement. It reminded me of a "bold gesture" I attempted once and failed miserably.

a couple months after I moved to Austin I met this guy, and we started dating. He was one of those boys who has TONS of girlfriends that are just friends. A jealous girl would still be paying off her therapy visits, but fortunately it wasn't too hung up on the "girl friends." I figure...If he wanted to hang out with them over me...he would. No reason for me to be mad...he's just not that into me right? (see a previous post) well except for one night...one night I could NOT accept the fact that he didn't want to come over and hang out. We were just having some porch time, and he was just going to bed...why would he not want to just come by. sooooo...after much wine intake I decided that I HAD to go over to his house to kiss him good night. (please note...I think it's a HORRIBLE idea to drive after much intake of wine and I do NOT condone this behavior by anyone...) on the drive over I really am starting to feel that I must be the most romantic, spontaneous girl in the entire world. He's really going to love me after this, because who wouldn't want a girl that would drive 10 minutes to your house JUST to kiss you goodnight? Apparently not him, because that's not quite the reaction he had. Of course he was mad that I drove...I was mad that I drove, but...he was ALSO mad that I came over there in the first place. But it was so kind and romantic...apparently, he thought it was weird and psycho, because he had told me that he was just going to bed and not going to do anything. It was unbeknownst to me that when a boy tells you his plan and you're not included in it, that's his plan...don't mess with it. To me my bold gesture was romantic and sweet...to him...desperate and needy.

sometimes you can't win.