Monday, September 27, 2004

high maintenance boys and fabulous new toys

An interesting weekend to say the least. I learned a couple of things. 1. miscommunication is a bitch. 2. some times it's ok to indulge your inner shopaholic

Friday night we went to a rooftop bar to meet some old Baylor friends and celebrate a birthday, and some people we know from Austin just happened to show up at the same place. Apparently it was THE place to be. Well, here's the interesting story from the night. One of the boys that randomly showed up is shady by every stretch of the measure and when one of the girls mentioned it to him the other night he asked how...Like it was brand new information to him that he was shady. (I have to clarify...By shady I don't mean he has scandalous affairs to does drugs in a dark alley...mysterious is probably a better word for him...he just doesn't get real deep with people.) actually it probably was, because he does always talk about how he's an open book, but I've yet to see that. After he was told he was shady he got so mad that he stormed out. (this is where I have to be honest...I was away from the table talking with the original people we were meeting) you read it right...He stormed out. Are you kidding me? Here's where the first lesson comes into play. What was said was not intended to hurt his feelings or really even disrupt the conversation flow of the table. Somehow it did, and no one is really sure why. All we can tell is miscommunication is a bitch and we all suffer from its effects sometimes.

next lesson. Saturday was a great day to be a shopaholic. Ever since I got back from new York I've had to practically force myself to stay home and resist the urge to shop. It comforts me to think that no shopping is as good as what you'd find in Manhattan. Saturday I resisted the urge and indulged my inner shopaholic, and what I found was just fabulous! I got a great pair of snake skin stilettos, a thin black shawl, a black alligator clutch, a replacement pair of black chandelier earrings (longer and more beautiful than the first...I lost the first pair dancing with beyonce), and a pair of shiny, dangly multi-colored earrings that are new york length. of course, if you know me...the frugal girl inside me has had what seems to be bad hangover since saturday trying to recover from the experience.