Friday, October 01, 2004

Great Expectations

I think I base much of my life on expectations.

last night I went and saw a film that has gotten many rave reviews from all of my friends who have seen it. So, I expected it was going to change my life and be the greatest thing I had experienced in all of film history. I realize that sounds a little dramatic, but that's how much I was let down. Don't get me was good and I enjoyed it. It hardly made me laugh and didn't come close to moving me like I had hoped. Oh well...two good things about was good, directing was great. It was very smart.

this is something that is really weird about me also. If I have a friend and there is something I don't like about their personality, I make up how I would want them to be in my head and always think of them like that. ummm...let me think of an example. Ok, like my head I always make them more emotional and easy with words. I know it's totally weird. At least I can admit it...I guess. It makes me want to sit down with these people and tell them who they could be, because I never make them bad or worse...Always wonderful and better. This is going to get me into all kinds of trouble! Let me cover all of my bases. I do NOT say this because I think some people I know are flawed. I love most people I meet and love the individuality of people and their quirks and idiosyncrasies. My problem is I try to make people perfect. Therefore, taking away their individuality. Also...this is not to say that I think I am God and have the authority to change people NOR do I think I myself am without flaw. That's an absurd thought! Kind of makes me would you change me in your head?? phone insurance, no new phone, also did not loose my cool. (point lesli!) Will keep this shabby deal for a year, but if it gets any worse my fabulous roommate said I could put my sim card in her Waco phone...not a bad deal...oh the joy of speakerphone!