Monday, October 04, 2004

game time

a friend told me the other day that i had lost my game, but encouraged me that it was ok, b/c he once lost his game for a few months. this weekend i got one late night phone call and one late night text. i responded to the phone call the next morning around 9:30. the name of the caller didn't register on the new cell, and normally i wouldn't call back, but i figured they wouldn't be up at 9;30 anyway. when i heard the voice mail recording, i realized it was a number that i had programmed on my sim card, the name just didn't show up. the person then called my bluff and called me back. we had a nice early morning chat and he said he called me before they went out to see if i was going out. (yes, i was asleep that early on a friday)

then the text...i didn't respond to, nor will i respond to. it's a fun game i like to play with this person, because i know it was NOT to see if i was going out. the night was more than over, but could this possibly mean that i have my game back? and without even trying?