Thursday, October 21, 2004

some times i feel i've got to - - get away

i listened to tainted love on repeat last night for some reason. i pictured myself in a karaoke bar while i was singing. it also goes well with today...since i'm leaving tomorrow. leaving my job, leaving my town...everything, i'm leaving everything!

this is my attempt to rewrite this entry. i finshed the last one, and i liked it, i spell checked it, and it said error. "well i guess that would make us a bunch of sad macs."

now it seems so silly to re-write what i wrote before. i obviously remember what i wrote, maybe not specific words, but i remember the jist of it seems dumb.

the bible study of the austin girlfriends is starting tonight. we are studying Bad Girls of the Bible. It's always kind of weird to me that they call it bible study when you are actually studying a book that compliments the bible so not directly the bible. I guess it would be weird to say - the christian book study of the austin girlfriends is starting tonight.

i have got a lot to do tonight, and i failed to make a list. i'm only good at making list when there is something truly unimportant to be listed. now that i have to pack for 10 days...i'm listless. i really need someone to sit down with me tonight and help me make rational decisions. i'm a severe overpacker, and it's especially hard when you're going somewhere that is 40 degrees colder than it is where you are. I keep thinking it won't be that much colder, but when you actually write it out....40 degrees is a lot of degrees!

i've been studying my d.c. metro map and directions so i don't get there and have a panic attack when i can't figure out what to do. i'm a terrible decision maker...especially if its a quick decision like hoping on a subway! good luck to me.

ok andy, i've been thinking...and i loved your names. very chic. how about "I" for the store name. it's the letter that sets my name apart from the typical spelling. what do you think?