Sunday, October 31, 2004

happy halloween

hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! i can't believe it has been 10 days since i posted. i can't believe its been 9 days since i was in austin texas. and while we're on the subject of things i can't believe...i truly can't believe baylor beat a&m. last night i kept watching espn to get the updates (yes me, watching espn).

it has been a loooooooooooong week. by the time i left on saturday i had put in 70 hours of work...i felt like all my lawyer friends=) i've felt very disconnected from the world, because i had no internet access, and when i got home at night i was usually too tired to communicate! i was looking forward to getting back to d.c. so i could sleep. with the time difference and time change i ended up waking up at 6am. right now i'm waiting for 12pm so i can go to h&m and do a little site seeing. the only problem is i don't really know where anything is, but hopefully i can figure it out. yesterday i got a little lost on my way back to d.c. and ended up seeing FedEx stadium where the washington redskins play, andrews airforce base, johns hopkins university (medical branch), the potomac river via draw bridge.

last weekend in d.c. was great! the weather here has been wonderful! so cold (for me) and the trees are all beautiful colors. of course there was some drama, so i had something to occupy my mind all week. maybe i'll post that story on here later. it's a long story, but a good story.

two lesli stories from this week.

1. i was boarding the airplane friday afternoon, and i was talking to jaimie on the phone. (she had just literally ran into lance armstrong, and even though we hate him...a celebrity spotting is a celebrity spotting.) so i'm putting away my bags and purse and jacket, and i look down and my shirt is ALL THE WAY UNBUTTONED. i'm not kidding. so this is my bra.

2. i went behind the counter the other day at the store to get a drink. i'm still a little uncomfortable going behind the counter and into the kitchen, because i feel like i'm breaking the rules. anyway, after i get my drink fixed i reach over to get a lid for my cup. by reach over i mean there was this little 15 year old boy cashier standing in front of the lids and i reach my hand across brushing the front of his pants and all that entails. once i realized my mistake i of course was totally embarassed and started apologizing profusely. the kid didn't say a word...his eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger... hey kids come work for sure and stand in front of the lids.

i'm coming home monday night! girls be sure and have your bible study done!!!

i heart you all=)