Monday, November 08, 2004

i secretly love eminem

i do secretly love eminem. i only thought of that b/c i thought guess who's back, back again. i love that song and i love that he put those words in his new song. and i rarely see music videos, but this one is pretty fun...enough.

i really hate that i can't update more often! i just bought a wireless internet card, so i can use it in the work laptop, but i don't have it at my house, so i'll try to update when i can.

not a lot has been going on...other than work. i really love my job though. it's very fun and flexible. in fact...i'm working at maudie's right now. (they have free wi-fi) however i am not enjoying a margarita...even though i rarely enjoy's always a nice thought though.

good weekend. went on a backwards date friday night. i had to go to a high school football game for work, so i figured i would get a boy to go with me, b/c they appreciate it more. then i told him i would buy his dinner if he went. i think he was convinced before, i only put icing on the cake by telling him i'd buy dinner! why do i have to talk so much? so, he came over and i drove us to dinner, then paid, then we went to the game. the game was fun, especially since i took my out of state friend. we went to the westlake game, and westlake is texas football on crack! instant replay on the jumbo tran, astroturf on the field, and our very own streakers! i think that was my first real encounter with streakers...they had on jock straps, so i guess it wasn't 100%.

we have bible study tonight. this week we are studying Potiphar, his wife and Joseph. if you'd like to read along...check out genesis 39. lots of good lessons.

let's see...

i really need to get back to work...hopefully i'll stay on top of this and i won't be trying to play catch up when i'm at a loss.