Tuesday, November 09, 2004

lucky me

i'm back at maudies, and i have to make this quick, b/c i'm afraid the lunch crowd will soon arrive and they will need to move from prime dining spot on the porch.

lately i've been forgetting to tell people really important or interesting things. i remembered this one yesterday and i have to share with y'all. i've never considered myself a lucky person, but i think i am pretty lucky, because ever so often i get really cool opportunities. it all varies...but it usually involves getting to see or meet people. ie: beyonce & jay-z, theo, the president of CFA...just interesting people.

well how cool is this! andy is coming to austin in dec, and he called to tell me about it the other night. so we're talking and he says, "One night we can go over to ian's house and cook dinner." so i start freaking out, b/c i'm going to be over at ian crocker's house cooking dinner!! andy said i was not allowed to ask him to take a picture with me...i might just anyway. i'm totally that girl, and i'm proud to be!!!

however...if i'm really lucky...the entire relay team will be there!!! fittingly, micheal phelps won't be able to make it, as he might be in jail for getting arrested for a DWI...