Saturday, January 15, 2005

project lesli

alright. so hopefully this entry will be a little better than last time.

i decided today that it was time to take control of my life (yet again). for those keeping count, this is the second time in 2 months that i'm taking control. ultimately, it's never really control that i take, it's just tweaking my normal routine and making it better! or in the other case, being upfront with someone about where i stood and leaving it at that. anyway...i decided that i needed to get real organized. for starters, i cleaned out my car and put what i took out away, and vaccumed. Step one complete! i did put myself on a reward system. If i cleaned out my car i could go tan and get the make up that i needed. I had to really clean my car though.

so, i go tan and while in the tanning bed i had an epiphany. (and yes, i know that it doesn't look 'natural' to be tan in january, but my membership started back up and everyone needs a healthy glow...especially if weddings are involved). anyway, the point is not being tan...the point is what i decided while getting tan. i decided that i need to start really getting organized. starting with a new mini dresser. it's time to get rid of the plastic rolling drawers! next, i'm going to get a collapsable file folder. know what i mean? in this i'm going to organize my cell phone bill, school bills, sweet cards, church notes & pay stubs. these are all very important and the need to be kept up with and not in a big pile on my desk. also, i want to clean my desk off so that i can put my laptop on it and use it like a real computer and not make it permenantly reside in my back pack.

last night i was on the radio. espn radio was broadcasting live and i asked them if i could talk on the radio. they said sure, and then i started talking to this other guy about his job at the radio station. in the meantime they said,

radio dave: "let's get a female perspective"

lesli: "oh, ok on what??"

radio dave: "first of all, what is your name??"

lesli: "Allison, but you can call me Allie"

radio dave: "Allie, that's a cute name, tell us your prediction on the Steelers Jets game."

lesli ("allie"): "Oh, umm...the steelers of course!!! the steelers because they are from... (then i realize i'm not sure where they are from...i'm thinking they are from new orleans, and i love new orleans so must love the steelers, but the New Orleans Steelers just doesn't sound right...)

lesli: "Wait, where are they from????"

radio dave: "Ok, i think we're gotten all the female perspective we need. Thank you you work at hooters??"

no, another chicken place. the intern did ask me, "So do you just want to be on the radio so you can be a celebrity???" to that i told him...Honey, if i wanted to be a is NOT the way i would go.