Thursday, January 13, 2005

ah the best laid plans

i know i said i would update in virginia, but truth be told, the internet was down for a couple of days in my room and then i was too tired to write....

blah blah blah...excuse after excuse! i find most of my entries start with excuses.

so let me see...whats been going on.

oh i know. i read he's just not that into you during my trip and it was wonderful! while it made me feel terrible about myself i now feel very liberated. i highly recommend it to everyone!! i only felt bad about myself for a little bit, b/c i thought of all the stupid excuses i make for stupid boys and actually for everyone. Then i felt like i had the answers i had always wanted, and was liberated. seriously read it...

i can't think of anything to write about...........possibly i will try again this weekend.

ah. goodbye.