Saturday, April 09, 2005

we all's our hobby

it's the two year anniversary of the evening that helped coin a phrase that has become prominant in many our lives over the past two years.

two years ago last night one little nugget took me and two other friends for a night on the town to celebrate the day of the bear. the three of us took advantage of having someone to take care of us and went all out. unfortunately, our little nugget was tearing up the dance floor and cut her foot wide open on a glass bottle. while she was being taken care of by the friendly bar staff outside on the curb i had to round up the other two parts of our equation. no one came easily, but eventually we were are coralled and taken to ihop so that nugget could get her foot properly taken care of. while waiting for the nugget's aid, two boys rolled up onto the scene. one very good looking, one very judgemental. the three of us did everything in our power to convince the boys to come inside and enjoy a late night dinner with us. the very good looking boy was all about it, while the other boy was hesitant to join. so i ask the good looking boy, "do y'all want to come in with us?" GLB- "I don't know, i'll have to ask -- if he wants to." "Hey, -- do you want to stay here with these girl." judmental boy - "NO!!! I DO NOT WANT TO STAY!" thus forcing me to say, "DON'T JUDGE ME YOU JUDGER!!"

and there it is...a brief synopsis of how it all started. unfortunately, we saw that boy a year or so later and told him what an impact he had our conversation, and he didn't even remember that it was ever said. how sad. long live the Official Judger...wherever he is.

from one mother judger to another...

Do i judge? We all judge. It's our hobby. Some people do arts and crafts, we judge.