Monday, April 18, 2005

heisman trophy nominee

i'm sitting in the salon right now waiting for my new summer color to set. for the fall i've had blonde (is it blond or blonde?) streaks mixed with deep red and auburnish brown colors, but for summer i'm going pretty blonde. i hope. you never know if it is going to turn out how you picture it in your head. however, no wine this morning...but i am on my second cup of coffee. (they give you complimentary wine at my salon)

on friday i'm getting my hair cut. this will be a very happy hair week for me.

i was very surprised by the weekend that i had. i was with my lakeway kids all weekend, and they are very athletic, so i found myself playing a lot of football, basketball (i even wore some of those long basketball shorts), and yes...bench pressing. being the grandma that i right arm is still a little sore. it was fun though. i bench pressed around 60 lbs. i think the most i ever did in high school was 70, so it's good to know i haven't gotten much weaker=)

i just got an email from an old professor about being an RA for the baylor program in new york city. how fun would it be to live for free in new york. i would move in a heart beat if i could, but i'm not sure if baylor pays you or if you have to get your own job. if anyone knows of any good job openings in new york, please let me know. i have an empty suit case that is ready to be packed!