Wednesday, April 20, 2005

returned phone call

yesterday i got this random call from a new friend in austin. the conversation went as follows...

new friend: Lesli? Hey!

me: Hey, new are you? {thinking it's totally out of the blue that he is calling}

new friend: I'm good! I just wanted to return your call.

me: {wracking my brain trying to figure out when i had called him}

me: mean from like a month ago???

new friend: has it been that long? well i'm glad you answered!

some boys are special. most of them are in fact.

i'm checking my email in this random little shop up north, and they just played day tripper twice. not in a row, but with one song in between. i wonder if anyone else noticed.

i couldn't be more excited to head north or to come home this weekend. and by home i mean austin. i have the feeling that waco will feel a little like old times. pre-21 times when i hung out with crazy older boys. yes, there might be some smirnoff ice and boones farm mixed in.

don't judge...everyone has to be broken in.