Friday, April 22, 2005

waco, texas

in waco. i'm soooooooo glad to be here, except i feel like i'm going to burst into tears at any moment because i miss it so much. especially this time of year. i drove by the lodge porch to make sure it still looked like it was about to fall apart. and of course to check on the arboretum behind the house. it all looked perfect. the only thing it was missing was a few good friends and the sonic drinks of their choice.

i saw a few people my age, and you have to wonder what people my age are still doing around. of 3, i only talked to one of them. i politely ignored the other two. don't judge...the politely ignored me too...i'm not a total snob.

i got my hair cut today, and i believe it might be a little too crazy for a professional, but the one person that i did talk to complimented it. the person that complimented it was a boy who was always a little flamboyant, so i figure he'll be the only boy that compliments it. maybe he came out and i didn't hear...

this is such a fun weekend. i think it's my lucky weekend...i get to see so many people that i love this weekend. i'm really dreading the end of the weekend. i wish i could somehow extend the hours of this weekend. if you know a way, please let me know!

i'm real nostalgic right now...i should probably quit writing before this gets way too mushy. by the way...go rangers. (i even watched a little espn tonight)...(alert the boys!)