Thursday, May 05, 2005

and yet another reason

in my last post i went on and on about the person in my life that has a tendency to judge the hell out of me and my roomate. well i think last night we might have given him yet another reason to judge us.

on a serious note...yesterday i walked into work around 12 and went back to the office to see my boss, and he was back there talking with one of our co workers. so i joined in the conversation. we ended up talking with this girl for about 4 hours. we had the opportunity the share the gospel with her and i had opportunity to share many parts of my testimony. it was a really sweet time. it was interesting to see how the Lord orchestrated the conversation and guided our words. she was veyr very confused on some issues and had twisted a lot of things around. i am thankful for such an opportunity and for being prepared.

ok so that's the wonderful part of this story.

so, last night we ended up meeting up with some friends downtown for some drinks...which turned into more drinks, more friends and a fun filled evening. somewhere in the meantime my roomate began texting our judger friend and he asked her what we were doing. and she told him that we were celebrating!! so of course he asks why and jaimie says, "lesli led someone to the Lord today." and he said, "and y'all are celebrating that???" hello...just like the angels!! and she replied..."yes, over coffee and prayers!" that is my favorite part.

ok ok ok!! i know this post is really putting myself out there. we are in no way making light of the situation from yesterday. That girl is now a Christ follower, and i couldn't be happier for her!!! we in NO WAY were celebrating me.

i just love giving judgers any reason...especially another reason!