Friday, May 27, 2005

cute shoes

today i was standing in line at a particular store in town, and these two ladies were in front of me. i was drooling over one of the ladies diamond ring when she turned toward me and was obviously trying to get my attention. i'm thinking...oh crap...she saw me staring at her ring...wipe the drool...prepare to apologize. then she said, "I love your shoes! They are so cute! How could anything be wrong with shoes that cute??" and i thought...and just shook my head. nothing could be wrong.

then i realized tonight as i was laying in the tanning bed that i pride myself on knowing really random, useless facts. they were having a contest on the radio to guess a year. the question was what year did mtv come on the air, princess di got married, abba had won the grammy for best album and entertainment tonight came on the air. and the lady that won said, "1981." i knew that. and in my head i was like YES! and then she asked what was the first video mtv played...knew that one too. i'm feeling really smart, like i should share in the woman's winnings...even though i have no desire to see the american idol tour concert, but i know useless facts too.

however...i didn't know this...mtv began on 8.1.81. don't forget'll see it on trivial pursuit someday.

i see good food, strong margaritas, sunny pools, and packing in my future. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.