Saturday, May 28, 2005

take me away from the ballgame

i'm suffering through the baylor baseball game right now, and i say suffering because i turn into a totally different person when i'm watching sporting events. there's no nice way to put it...i turn into a stressed out freak.

a common myth about me is that i don't like sports or that i don't know anything about sports, and for the most part i proudly wear that title like a badge. to the contrary, i don't mind sports and i you'd be surprised how much i know. i did however realize what my hangup is...

i just can't take. enevitably, when i'm watching any sport i pick a team and turn into a nervous wreck while i watch them play. today of course the team is MY team...if you give enough money to a school, you can claim them as your own.

while i'm watching i morph into this crazy woman that is unreconizable. just a few minutes ago i realized that i was screaming at the game, and in my head i was conjuring up great ideas that the coaches could use so baylor could bring it back and win. (just now i looked over and we got a 3rd out and i pumped my fists and said yes!)

now i need a scooby snack. i can't handle this. maybe i should attend meetings for sports lovers anonymous.

i'm lesli and i'm a sportsaholic. hi lesli.