Monday, May 30, 2005

let the rain fall down and cover me

let it wash away...

at least if i'm going to be unable to spend time at the pool i can enjoy a laguna beach marathon. i heart kristen!

my mind is 1,000 miles from no where lately. we're in the process of moving right now, and it's that's always hectic. it always makes me wish i was more organized and more motivated.

two new beginnings are on the horizon for me, and they are both ideal situations. i'm just ready to know which path i'll be taking. there's a possibility i'll be living in new york or staying in austin. i would be happy with either outcome. everything about my life here is wonderful...great roomate, great job, great apartment, great church, fun friends. the idea of moving to new york is not only a dream, it's enough to make me crazy. i trust that the best thing will happen, but i don't know if i'll have a brain left by the time i know the outcome!

i talked to a friend last night for a while, and it made me wish i could move all of my favorite people to an island somewhere and live happily ever after. i miss you...i really do.