Wednesday, June 01, 2005

a friend loves at all times...

friday night i got a call from an old friend. even though time wouldn't calculate him an old friend, the relationship with this friend deems him an old friend. he is not alone...there are about 4 or 5 of these boys that i would give up most any plans to hang out with them. since they were all hanging out together in another town the phone was passed around so i could enjoy a little piece of heaven through each of them.

we met these boys later in college, but there is something about college time. 2 years in college time is like 10 in real time. college relationships were just different.

they are the kind of friends that i can look back on our situations, be them funny, sad, embarassing, romantic and truly see that they were friends that loved at all times.

this is the kind of friendship i crave, and find in all of my close friends. with that said, most of my close friends are girls. i'm a firm believer that boys and girls can't be close friends, but the space and closeness of the relationship with these college boys is perfect to me. it's a space and closeness that i would love to forge with other friends, but i'm beginning to think that it was only to be had with them.

i get really sad when i think about how things used to be. i wish i could share a great story here, but there are too many to recount, and some/most are never know who is reading. of them moved here today! here's to the gooseman and being one step closer to reliving the past!
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perfect timing.