Thursday, June 02, 2005

jack of all trades

it's almost 1am, and i am officially worn out for today. today i have taken on many roles...maid (i cleaned the store during the lunch rush...i don't get paid enough), horticultureist and a painter.

i tried my hand at re-potting plants this week. today my roommate helped me, and i hope it's ok to just transfer the pot to a bigger pot and then put mulch in around it, because that's what i did. it looks good for now, and i'm not in charge of nurturing the plants, so we can blame it on someone else if they die.

i also tried, for the first time, to paint a room. even though i don't believe things like this really happen, but if they do...i know my Pop was looking down from heaven with a proud grin on his face. he painted for people until he was probably 80 or so. i couldn't help but miss him and wish i had his expertise.

so the week for the ny applications is up. it went so fast. this past week has gotten me to thinking a lot about God's "perfect timing." for me it seems like i can pray for something for months and as soon as he answers i feel like it all happened so quickly and timely. i guess that's what "perfect timing" is all about. i'm so excited to know the outcome. i feel like i'm in rush all over again, minus common grounds and collins cafeteria.

confession: i did have a freak out moment (hyperventilating...tears...the whole bit) today...that silly song Ohio (come back to Texas) came on today and i broke down. yes, this would be a dream come true, but it would be a major change from my comfortable norm, and how sad if troy aikman and the bush twins want me back.