Friday, June 03, 2005

my so called today

it has been determined that after two nights of painting and one more coat to go that we will not be quitting our day jobs anytime soon to become painters. and how mature am an offer to go to waco and attend the baseball games with some fun good looking boys and i turned it down because i'm in the middle of moving.

i got my first massage tonight by a professional. it was an interesting experience. they point of a massage is to be relaxed as possible, but i'm not sure if i was, because i was concentrating so hard on taking the slow deep breaths and staying relaxed. in between those i kept thinking back to another post i read on the greek tragedy blog yesterday. there was no "happy ending" to my massage per se, but sometimes it was fun to pretend like the masseuse was my really hot boyfriend...but then i would drift back to reality and realize it was just aimee the masseuse who was a perfect stranger to me.

-she HAD to massage me for 50 breaks
-way too comfy robes
-weird soothing music you can't find anywhere else

-when i left i felt like i had three inches of crisco caked on me

i got my first church bulletin from my church today. it listed in there people that joined last week and pictures of people that joined the week before. by your name it list how you joined, ie- by letter, by profession of faith, by baptism, etc. and it also list your sunday school class. as of now i am not a member of a sunday school class, so i looked by my name and it said "search." and i thought oh well maybe that means because i'm searching for a sunday school class. then i remembered that their singles department was called "search." the only reason i know this is because i was forced to go once, and will more than likely not go back, but we'll save that for another time. for a second i thought about calling the church to correct the mistake. how blatantly obvious can you or better yet..."they should just go ahead and call it lonely."