Sunday, June 05, 2005

A B C...easy as 1 2 3

ok so apparently my ABC's aren't as easy at 1 2 3 for me. today me and a few friends floated the guadalupe river and along the way we started playing the game where we had to name texas cities that began with letters of the alphabet. we went around in a circle until we ran out of cities, and extended it to cities in america, then cities in the world, then fashion designers/brands. even the boy in our group did well with that category! however, i don't know my alphabet very well. i thought U came after Q and K came after I. how do i read? more importantly, how do i write? i know i have spelling mistakes here and there and grammar mistakes, but maybe i should take a kindergarten review class.

oh and i attended my first 40th birthday party for one of my very own friends. this has been a year of firsts...first baby shower of a friend, and now first 40 year old friend. it wasn't how you're picturing black balloons or black cake or silly 40th birthday cliches...lordy lordy nothing. just good times in the sun with lots of wine, texas country music band, keg beer, delicious snacks and funny conversations. one of the birthday boy's (man) friends is a mortician, so i let him put lip gloss on me. he does it for a living, so i trusted him.

it was also my first attempt at using my Pop's vintage camera. i lost my nice camera a year ago on an airplane. we won't talk about's still a sore subject. it has taken me this long to get up the nerve to use it, as it has very special meaning to me and it's not automatic! you have to do everything by hand...focus, cock it...and there was this 69 year old lady at the party that was a cliche dallas woman and i loved making her say cock it. she was say it in a high pitched giggle was a classic moment.

this was a perfect weekend. great company, great dancing, great sun, great food. no complaints!