Tuesday, June 07, 2005

dream lover come rescue me

last night i had a dream that i was dating this boy from college that we saw a few weeks ago at a wedding. in the dream he was still dating the girl that he is actually dating in real life, but for some reason he was crazy about me and i was pretty crazy about him too. which is kind of strange because i've never really been attracted to this boy, but last night i was! there was this girl from work with us who told me that he was still dating the actual girl, but he really liked me and if i really liked him i needed to tell him. then i woke up...i have no idea if we are still dating.

when we went to the river on sunday i was talking to one of our guy friends about the two of us dating. in my perfect world this is how i would prefer to begin a relationship. i don't see the harm in just going with it. being set up and going on blind dates rarely works and is rarely an ideal situation that you want to recreate. i'm thinking... if we have a lot of fun together, we like a lot of the same things, we've known each other for a while so we have the "get to know you" part out of the way, why not try it out? please explain to me what the harm is. why do no boys see it this way?

i have a list of 5 maybe 6 boys that i would be willing to experiment my theory with. perhaps i'm not on their list.