Tuesday, May 24, 2005

job opening

i decided on saturday that i need a personal assistant and or a really hot fun boyfriend that i really like. here are two reasons why...

#1: i need a personal assitant, because i am disorganized and forgetful. saturday i was invited to my first baby shower of one of my own friends, not a friend of the family. the shower was an hour an a half a way, and when i was leaving austin at 10am i called the mom to be and found out that the shower was in one hour. not to mention, I35 was shut down to one lane. being late isn't a huge deal to me, but i planned on having enough time to run by the store and get some fun things to add to her gift. it was a big embarassing disaster. i was late and i only had one pair of diaper bloomers and no card because i left it at home to give as a gift. i opted to mail her the gift later.

#2: i need a really hot fun boyfriend that i really like to help me with my car stuff. granted, i can admit that i'm really spoiled when it comes to car stuff, because my dad always took care of that stuff for me. now that i only see my dad about 3 times a year, it's inevitable that i have to take care of my general up keep like oil changes. i hate oil changes. it makes my stomach hurt when i go to get one. there's all that unwanted pressure to get a new air filter and new wipers and yesterday it was new grease in the gear box so the back end of my car doesn't lock up and i'll quit getting metal shards in "the box." no idea what that means. all i know is this time it sounded more serious than wiper blades and i should probably do it.

plus...i love to cook and have no one to cook for. so we could trade off...i'll make you dinner if you will assume responsibilities of my car. if he could also keep me organized and on top of things...no pun intended...that would be great too. so, if you or anyone you know would be a nice fit for my needs...please send them my way.