Monday, May 23, 2005


so, i decided that this past sunday would be the sunday that i would join my austin church. i've been going to this church for well over a year and a half and not been going to the church that held my membership for 6 years. it was long overdue, but circumstances prevented it. this sunday i was ready and it was time.

however, i haven't walked down the aisle of a church since july 1990, so it was a very nerve wracking thing. at one point i considered turning around, but the man at the end of the aisle was expecting me, so i stayed on course. i was even a little shakey with nerves just like the first time.

when i got to the end of the aisle the man greeted me and our interaction went something like this...

man: and what decision have you made today?
me: i would like to move my membership and join the church
man: that's great. have you already accepted Jesus into your heart?
me: haha...yes, he's in my heart.

so then i go sit down and fill out the introduction card so that they can introduce me in front of the church. then a lady tells me that after they introduce me they are going to take me back to the new member room to discuss baptism. so of course i have to explain again that that is not necessary because i already have jesus in my heart and was baptized 15 years ago. so instead we discussed the church, and sunday school, and my testimony.

i'm so happy that i finally did it. it's a big step for me to make a commitment like that, but it's the right one, and i'm glad i did it. i finally feel like i have a home church that i can actually belong too.

in other news...the dauchshund owner still hasn't gotten the hint. poor thing texted me friday night and it actually said, "sup cheecka" (exact spelling). i can't decide if i'm ignoring him because i don't think it would work or because he can't form complete sentances. either way, he can't tell, because he texted me three times yesterday with no response from me.