Friday, May 20, 2005

take your pick

i can't think of one thing to post, so i think i'll share my top 5 with you. it has changed since last year. i can hardly remember who they were last year...i think...adam brody/seth cohen (of course), patrick swayze, mark ruffalo, colby donaldson and brad pitt. three of mine were voted off the island. while i still think they are hot, they have been replaced for various reasons. mark and colby were replaced for boys that simply rank higher in my book. and the absence of brad pitt should be obvious. i don't feel sorry for him because his precious wife wasn't ready for children. i feel sorry for sweet jen. bless her heart, clearly she deserves better. she should consult me for advice.

in no particular order...

1. Patrick Swayze- "it's a feeling, a heartbeat, da dum...da dum" he's my tried and true. i've loved him since 1987 and i would give my first child up to do the dance he does with penny on the first night and baby at the final show.

2. Andy Roddick- "haha...yeah, nice to meet you." i sort of went on a dinner date wtih him this past year. if by he was getting take out from the same restaurant i was eating in and i talked to him, then we had a dinner date.

3. Ty Pennington- "move that bus!" ty might be the prefect guy. he's handy and he does good things for nice people. i even think that his obnoxiousness is a little endearing.

4. Tyler Florence- most of you will not know who this is. He's a chef on the food network and i'd love for him to cook me a meal!

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5. Adam Brody/Seth Cohen- i think adam brody is soooooooooo cute, but i LOVE seth cohen's personality. nerdy boys steal my heart.

if you added up all of these guys and thus created my "type", i'd be into a guy that can dance, play sports, build things, cook a fabulous meal, is witty and nerdy and of course...a celebrity!