Wednesday, May 18, 2005

last fan standing

*disclaimer: i know that many if not all of you will disagree with me, but i refuse to take it personally when you pounce on my opinion through comments.

it is not no secret that i love britney spears. you heard me right, i love her. i have loved her since 1999 when she first arrived on the pop scene and i didn't even know what pop music was or that it had a scene. i know the words to almost all of her songs. even the ones that never made to the radio. i love her so much, that i've lost friends over it.

over her career i think she's made some very smart decisions. please note that i said smart and not morally right or Godly. i think some of the smartest decisions she ever made was to star in her first video as a school girl, do a strip tease to I Can't Get No Satisfaction with a nude sparkly outfit on underneath and of course...kiss madonna on live television. she knows what it takes to get noticed and be a caption on every gossip tabloid in town. like it or not, you know everything about her.

so what is it that makes me like her? i think i like her because she's the kind of person i've never really had as a friend and never really will. she lives a lifestyle that no one i know will ever know. and while it's for the best that no one i know will ever live like this it's kind of fun to know someone as crazy and daring as she is. i love hearing a good story, and none of my stories will ever involve making out with madonna.

and while i don't want her stories to be my own and i love that my path was different from hers, i'm glad that there is someone out there willing to open up and willing to share. while it may be ugly and disgusting to some people, i'm intrigued. mark my open as i am...i'll never tell everyone everything.