Tuesday, May 17, 2005

1...2...3 strikes you're out.

after all the advice, i did not call him back. however, he did text me. his text message said, "Sup Superstar" yes, he's 31. i'm not even counting that as a strike and clearly it should be.

as you know from the previous post his first strike is an obvious one.

1. He didn't pay for the date, nor did he offer.

I thought it was a date for a number of reasons. we were set up. he asked if i wanted to go to dinner and then go out. he called and texted me throughout the week to "get to know me." (imagine how uncomfortable that was for a full week)

of all the people i have run this strike by, not one person has taken his side. granted i asked people that would probably take my side anyway, but i also got several guys perspective and boys usually stick together. homerun, me.=)

2. He didn't pay HIS entire amount.

after the "sup superstar" text message i held him off as long as bachelor was on and company was over. then i finally gave him the go ahead to call. first thing out of his mouth..."I have a question for YOU. was YOUR roomate MAD about putting MORE money in, because me and MY friend paid enough because WE rounded our totals up to the nearest dollar. WE just didn't know that they would only bring one ticket and NOT split it up." well no, they wouldn't split it up honey, welcome to the city where boys have manners.

upon consulting with the roomate...neither of them paid for their third drink, so extra money was needed. she was not mad. she was just in bizarro world...everything is distorted in bizarro world.

number 3 is a tie.

3. (a) he tried to get sassy as far as my roomate is concerned.
(b) he doesn't listen to me when i talk.

i will never understand why boys that are interested in a girl think that a good move is to be rude to their friend directly or talk bad about them to the girl they are interested in. bad move. i like my friends way more than i like you!

he doesn't listen to me...reiterated last night.

him: How was the wedding this weekend?
me: wedding? i went to a graduation.

i think i can now officially phase him out. do i really need more reasons when one is enough.