Monday, May 16, 2005

dachshund owner

I don't like dachshunds for men. Can't handle a real dog, can't handle a real woman. i had my blind date with the awkward phone talking dachshund owner.

i went into with an open mind. so what that he annoyed me over the phone because he would try to do a million things at once so 95% of the time i was listening to him talk to his dachshund. i decided that it would be fun no matter what. he was bringing friends, so i could bring friends and it would be a great time.

as far as the evening goes, we did have a great time. when we arrived (we met them's was more relevant to our locations to meet.) they were outside drinking margaritas, so we ordered ours and enjoyed getting to know each other. then we got to our table and ordered more drinks and food. we ate at one of my favorite restaurants in austin, so the food was outstanding. however, they ran out of chips so they had to go to the store and buy some and all the could come up with were tostitos. which is kind of weird since there are plenty of comprable restaurant chips in the grocery store.

ok, so date is going good...conversation is easy. the blind date is actually pretty cute. then the check comes. it was being passed around the table and everyone was putting their money in or their credit card and info, and it got to him. he put his amount in and then passed it on to me.

i didn't mind paying for my own meal, but the fact that he didn't even offer after HE had asked ME to go out with him leads me to wonder where his manners are??? i don't think it's too much to ask of a 31 year old to be a gentleman. maybe he didn't have the money...that's fine and i can understand that, but don't ask someone out if you can't afford it.

he then called me later and said..."Tonight went above and beyond my expectations, is it all right if i call you again?" so he did call and i haven't called him back yet. should i?