Friday, May 13, 2005


i've been blogging for one full year now. in honor of my first post ever, i'm pasting it here.

Hi everyone! I went and visited ali on monday night, we had a goodbye dinner since the little nugget is leaving for italy, and we were looking up all the xanga's of people we knew and figured we should have one too! we want erick to make one as well...we'll see how that goes. so, here's mine!

i heart sex and the city, hence the title of my blog is "We all judge...its our hobby, some people do arts and crafts...we judge!" I would love it if you shared your favorite quotes from Sex and the City, or any of my favorite shows!

I hope you all enjoy this...actually, i hope my life is interesting enough to keep you all entertained. more later.

here are some of my favorites over the past year...
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those are just a few. i thought i would bore you too much if i added anymore. these are the ones that i really really love. it's funny to go back and read and see how i used to write and how i write now. enjoy and thank you for reading.