Thursday, May 12, 2005

frozen chocolate cookie cake

tonight i went to a dinner party, and the salad and main course was already spoken for, so i suggested that i would bring the dessert. desserts are my favorite to cook anyway, i just rarely make them, because my roomate doesn't like cake and i love to bake cakes, but my body doesn't love if i eat them all by myself.

so i figured tonight would be the perfect night to bake a cake to take. (did you catch the rhyme?) so i searched the food network website for a day looking for something new and exciting to make. since i made chocolate italian creme cake last weekend i decided on something a little easier.

i settled on the frozen chocolate cookie cake. it sounded perfect and delicious. you back two devils food cakes, top the with ganache (heavy cream, heated and mixed with semi sweet chocolate) with cookies and cream ice cream in the middle.

sounds great right? yes...unless your dinner party is at a house that is 20 minutes away and you're stuck in austin traffic when the temperature is a high of 84.

my perfect plan was to put the cake plate in the floor board of my car with the cold air on high only blowing on the feet. this was only after i realized the plate wouldn't fit into my ice chest. so the floor board and cold air were my only options.

cleary no one else in traffic was traveling with a frozen chocolate cookie cake, because by the time i got to my dinner party my perfect cake was floating in a sea of cookies and cream ice cream.

at least looks aren't everything.