Wednesday, May 11, 2005

nobody puts baby in a corner

i was home this weekend celebrating mother's day with my mother and the rest of my family. on sunday while i was eating lunch my favorite movie came on.

i claim to have majored in movies, which is not entirely true, but i do have an extended knowledge of movies that most people don't have. mostly because i had a cool major and took cool classes. however, my favorite movie will never be on AFI's Best Films of All Time list...even though it did win an oscar. best song counts right?

i love Dirty Dancing and i have loved it since 1987 when my mom took me to the theater to see it. call her a bad mother, but what 6 year old really gets it when they allude to the fact that penny needs an abortion?? I didn't have to sneek and watch it when i was 12 like the rest of the world. i remember watching it at the joy cinema and loving it. 18 years later i still love it. my favorite line is when baby is in johnny's room and says, "Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what i saw, of what i did, of who i am. And most of all i'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way i feel when i'm with you." I also still get really emotional when she finally does the lift in the last scene.

however...last night the old major worked wonders for answering the trivia questions at mother egan's. The question was - Who was the oldest actor at 76 to win an academy award for best actor in what 1981 film? i responded...well the film is on golden pond, but i can't remember who the man is...i just know the actors were old and it was a good film. Luckily, i had another movie major with me who knew that it was henry fonda.

and i even own a copy of Citizen Kane (afi's best film of all time)...