Tuesday, June 21, 2005

intranational road trip

i learned in elementary school that baseball is "america's pastime." this past weekend i realized why.

we made a spontaneous decision to go to omaha for the weekend friday morning. we got on the road as soon as we could and around dallas we realized that we had remembered to pack 10 pairs of shoes, but had no map. we did what any smart girl on a road trip would do...we wrote down all the major cities that we went through, so we'd know how to get home. reminicent of hansel and gretel dropping bread crumbs...

11 hours later we met up with the boys in kansas city. upon arriving to the hotel we discovered that besides the map, we had also forgotten something else we would need...our suitcase. ten pairs of shoes...at least we have our priorities in place.

we finally arrived in omaha in our travel clothes/pajamas/weekend outfits around lunchtime and the fun began. at least for a little bit, because we had two major agendas that were waiting. 1. we had to get something to wear to the game. 2. we had to surprise cayce, because she didn't know we were in town. both were accomplished with much success. i love surprises, and always look for them, but never get them. we knocked on her hotel door and when she opened the door she screamed like she had just won a million dollars! i LOVE surprises!!

we changed clothes and headed back to the truck to "re-fuel". once we were good, we made the trek to Rosenblatt Stadium. i have to say, i was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the entire situation. you think it's just another baseball game, and then you realize how highly regarded the college world series actually is. it's hard for me to put into words, but i can't think of another time i was more proud to be a fan/graduate of baylor university. the eight teams are glorified and treated like celebrities, and you can't help but well up with pride when you see the memorabillia and hear people from other schools cheering you on. i just kept thinking...this is a memory i will never forget.

enough of the mushy stuff...let's get to the tailgate. i was lucky enough to tailgate with some of the best people in the world. fortunately for me...most of them are my good friends. i'd say about 100 beers were consumed between 6 of us...i had enough that i accepted a proposal and got engaged at the tailgate to a former baylor player. what's more romantic than getting engaged at a tailgate? beats a jumbo-tran any day! unfortunately, i didn't have enough to get married after the game in the parking lot. there was a state rep at the game that offered his services to us, but there were no marriage licenses, so it wouldn't have been real. the whole marriage deal was going to be a great deal for me...no work just cooking and tanning. only draw back was he wanted 4 kids, but he promised hired help, so you see the appeal!

the outcome of the game wasn't what we would have hoped for, but we were discovered by espn! they came over to our section a few times throughout the game and recorded us. pretty good for not having any outfits to chose from 4 hours earlier. we are so good at acting natural...it's no wonder they kept coming back for more. however, when i went back and watched the tape i saw that i was not discovered...just my friends. they were cheering too hard for me to be seen. we also met two of the a-list celebrities that were there. we had our picture taken with drew brees and kim mulkey robertson. coach kim was sitting right behind us, but i refuse to think that she's the reason espn hovered so much.

later that night we went and got the boys and went to the casino. kenichiwa, bitches! lots of money was won...i think close to $50 between the 6 of us. one of our friends now owns the casino...he bought it for $20.

then we had to make the long trek home, but the memories and the fun were worth all that's lost. not only did i realize why baseball is america's pastime, i realized this weekend i can sit in a car for over 30 hours and still have something to talk about with the person i'm riding with...there aren't many things that beat drinking beer with your friends in omaha and i was also reminded that i am friends with some of the most amazing people in the world. the company was perfect and i'd gladly do it again this weekend...keep praying for wins.