Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the click heard round the buddy list

i pulled a lesli yesterday. i call it this, because things like this always happen to me.

i have people on my buddy list that i never talk to, never intend to talk to, who don't even know who i am. mostly i keep these people on just to read their away messages and such, and i never thought there was anyway they would ever find out, so it was completely harmless.

until yesterday. i got an im from one of my friends who i was trying to make plans with and it said something like LOOK AT HER!!! HAHAHAH and then had a link. of course i had to click it, because i'm nosey and i too wanted to look at her if it was that funny. bad idea.

that same im was a virus and was sent to EVERYONE signed on my buddy list at the time. well that would have been fine if it happened in the middle of the night when no one is signed on, but had to happen in the MIDDLE of the DAY when EVERYONE is online! so it sent it to one of my old professors who doesn't remember who i am, but is friends with one of my friends. and the a boy that went to baylor that i had the biggest crush on, but he has NO IDEA who i am...

before i could even worry about the new virus that had infected my computer i had to run buddy list damage control and immediately block those people so they wouldn't see me online anymore. fortunately my professor thought it was funny...