Thursday, June 30, 2005

keep austin weird, save the armadillos

austin prides it's self on being uber weird. which i think is weird, because if you have to try that hard to be weird, perhaps you aren't weird at all.

for example...they don't wear make up, or wash their hair and they wear old clothes and call it granola. they build an over the top grocery store downtown that charges $5.00 for a candy bar and call it organic. i'm sure they are all on the board of PETA as they can't sell Fur in resale shops because crazed animal lovers come in and rip the fur, so the normal people who love fur in the winter can't enjoy the finer things in life.

however...why can't they love animals enough to pick up their dead carcasses off the residential streets?

during the past two weeks i've seen two of the foulest sights in my life, both involving armadillos.

1. There was a dead armadillo on the side of the road i take home for about a week. dead armadillo fine. until it either got so hot or got hit that it actually split in two. the remains spilling out in plain view.

2. Today i was driving down this other street close to my house and i saw these enourmous birds. and i thought to myself, i wonder if those are chickens are ducks. i used to have chicken spottings on my run....keeping it weird. when i go closer i realized it was 3 buzzards tearing into a nice blue plate special of armadillo! my stomach literally turned and i had to cup my mouth. what are the chances??

so please people...keep austin weird...and clean your animals up!!!