Tuesday, June 28, 2005

blah blah life

i honestly have nothing to write about, but i feel guilty not taking advantage of the internet signal i can get in my room, so i'm going to write about something!


i've been trying to figure out what my male type is. when i have to claim a type i always say tan with dark hair, etc, but i'm beginning to question myself. for example, we went out in dallas on friday night for a bachelorette party, and i saw this guy i knew from baylor. none of my friends knew him, because we had a class together that none of them were in, and we didn't hang out outside of class. when cayce was describing him to jaimie she said, "he's tall with shaggy hair, real artsy, exactly what you would picture for lesli." however, he wasn't tan with dark hair...exactly opposite, pale with blonde hair.

all of my crushes have varied so drastically, that i don't think i can pin point one exact type to call my own. i have had crushes on guys that were....

-average guys who were really smart
-beautiful guys who are ass holes
-tall guys...good looking and not
-short guys...fratty, nerdy...
-hilarious guys
-guys that don't make me laugh at all
-weird guys
-artsy guys
-classic guys

see...i'm all over the board here. do i have to come to a conclusion here?

i have also been pathetic lately with this new love of baseball. i'm almost embarassed to admit that i went back and watched the tulane game that we dvr'd. it was a great game, and i missed most of it, because i was bad karma and you don't mess with a rally. however, my dvr cut off short right before the 9th inning. why aren't they smart enough to realize that the show isn't over. we also went back and watched our espn debut, and it made me sick to watch anymore of that dumb game. i do believe that texas deserved to win the world series, because they played a phenomenal tournament and came through when they needed to, i just wish of the 4 games that we beat them this year two of them had of been in omaha.

of course i had to mention it...