Tuesday, July 05, 2005


the holiday weekend turned out to be a wonderful holiday indeed!

yesterday we were out on the lake with some of our friends that go to UT. there were all ages on the boat, but we were clearly the oldest ones. if you know me, you know that i love younger guys, so i wasn't bothered in the least to be one of the oldest ones on the boat. you couldn't even tell an age difference until one of the boys turned to me and said, "so, when did you turn?" i look back at him confused and bewildered and say, "what?" "when did you turn?" ummm...turn? turn what? "21! when did you turn 21??" oh dear...back in 2002.

it was nice to get a taste of what normal guys can be like. it reminded me of being around our college friends who were wonderful. i know i bring them up a lot, but it's just refreshing and relieving to find people who are not self righteous ass holes who wouldn't know how to be a real friend if their life depended on it.

lesson learned...hold out. the tides will turn. you don't have to settle for people who don't really care about you in order to fill friend voids.